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@ Fresh Roots Montessori House children learn numbers in an innovative way.... By making calendar for their parents. To know more about our school visit or call 9849275222. ADMISSIONS OPEN for all kids who just turned 2 years old.

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Story telling always an interesting activity gor preschool children. All of them so very attentive and responsive Helps in developing many skills like hearing, comprehension, concentration etc. Fresh Roots encourage s stories by the children too. Admissions open. For details call 9849275222 / 23345222

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Fresh Roots Preschool Hindi made easy using Montessori material. Children learn sounds and then make words easily. Best preschool of the area announces admissions open for limited seats. For details call at 9849275222 / 23345222

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Imagination beyond boundary... Learning at Fresh Roots is a preschool where children self learn and develop through imagination, creativity and play. Learning much more than their age requirement and curiosity of the unknown . Encouragement to explore the unknown makes learning so very interesting. Admission started Call 9849275222.

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Best preschool in my neighbourhood is Fresh Roots Montessori House where childs curiosity is ignited and self learning is encouraged. Stressfree studies and free play are promoted. Visit us for an orientation. Call us at 9849275222.

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The second group preschool children learn to make words and quantify numbers with Montessori material. It's fascinating to see them say the phonetic sounds and find the letters to make words.

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Best Preschool of the year award received by Fresh Roots Montessori House for the year 2018 from Progressive Academic Excellence Awards 2018

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Children learning a a a for ant by making an ant with clay..... Group 1 children enjoy this innovative clay modelling session only at Fresh Roots Montessori House , awarded the Best Preschool of Telangana . For details call 9849275222 / 9849330645

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Learning a a a for any by making any with clay..... Group I children enjoy this innovative clay modelling session only at Fresh Roots . Montessori House. For best innovative practices visit us or call at 9849275222 / 9849330645

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Proud announcement Fresh Roots Montessori House awarded the *** Best Preschool of the Year **** Call 9849275222